#NASTY Style Special: Interview with Mckenzie Renae

Here on indiamonaestyle.com we want to make NASTY a positive word. A synonym to amazing, fashionable, educated, trendy etc. But the most important thing we want to do is Spotlight & Empower . This will be the first #NASTY Style Special here on the blog but there are many more to come. Over the past few weeks I’ve prepared questions specific to this flawless beauty maverick’s specialty.
Mckenzie was absolutely amazing, just from reading her responses , she was very open and a joy to work with. This Beauty/Style Maverick has her own business, her own brand, and it just keeps growing !
Interview featured below , along with photos and links !


Chanté: When did you start your blog ?
Mckenzie: I started my blog in college when I was a makeup artist. Originally the purpose was to educate women as well as my friends on various makeup and skincare tips and tricks. I had so much fun with it that it evolved into trend reports, styling advice, hair, and interviews with industry insiders.

Chanté: As a beauty and style blogger , how do you connect with your audience ?
Mckenzie: I think I connect with my audience by being myself. I’m comfortable in my own skin and enjoy setting myself apart from the rest. I promote positivity for women to embrace who they are and to be OK with it. You set your own standard, so just go for it!

Chanté: What beauty/style bloggers do you like ?
Mckenzie: One of my favorite style bloggers is Karla Deras of Karlas Closet. Her style is so effortless and I love the way she mixes vintage pieces with modern pieces to really customize her own look. She owns everything she wears, even if it is just to go to lunch.

Chanté: What inspired you to start “Renae Cutoffs”?
Mckenzie: I started Renae Cut Offs two years ago after creating a pair of cut offs and showcasing them on my blog. I had so much positive feedback from my followers who wanted a pair, so I decided to supply the demand. I created the name and had a friend make a simple logo for me, built my website and it took off from there. This is just the beginning, I’m really excited about the future plans for the brand.




Chanté:What’s your number one beauty tip?
Mckenzie: Every woman should have a go-to makeup look that she can do in 10-15 minutes. Mine is a nice clean bronzy face with a bold lip and shaped brows. It’s simple, easy, and I feel most confident pairing it with practically anything (style wise). A bold lip can go a long way. Color is so much fun!

Chanté: Where are your TOP 5 places to shop?
Mckenzie: Zara, TJ-Maxx, NastyGal, Forever21, and the thrift store.

Chanté: What are your TOP 3 makeup products?
Mckenzie: NARS “Orgasm” blush, NARS “Dragon Girl” matte lip pencil, and the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil

Chanté: What are your TOP 5 hair products?
Mckenzie: This is a tough question. I test products all the time, so honestly I’m not loyal to too many products. I love testing out what’s new on the market! But I will say I can’t stay away from Mixed Chicks leave-in and deep conditioners, Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum, and Carol’s Daughter Split End Sealer, and organic coconut oil. I still haven’t found that “perfect” combination yet.



Chanté: What’s your next hair color ?
Mckenzie: I am HOOKED on blonde for a while, but I really want to try a wild color like blue. I’m just not quite ready to go dark again yet. You know what they say, once you go black you never go back lol.

Chanté: What do you see as your next business venture ? You’ve already covered a little bit of beauty a little bit of fashion. What’s next ?
Mckenzie:If I tell you that then it wouldn’t be a surprise! It will still involve beauty and fashion, just taken in a surprisingly different direction.

Chanté: Have you thought about starting your own beauty brand ? whether it be nails , makeup, hair care !
Mckenzie: I have! I love everything about beauty, and women will never stop investing into their appearance.

Chanté: What do you think will be your favorite trend for this spring ?
Sheer B)Crops C)Wide leg pants
Mckenzie: I love a good crop top. They can look so chic paired with high waist bottoms. The key is keeping your look classy. At least, that’s my motto.






Chanté: What advice would you give a young aspiring beauty/fashion maven?
Mckenzie: As corny as this sounds, don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can’t do. There are so many people who are afraid to go after their dreams, so they discourage you from going after yours because they wish they had the guts to step out on faith. Nothing is unattainable. Think outside the box! Set yourself apart from the crowd and always remember what makes you happy and why you started doing it. If God blessed you with gifts and talents, no one can step in your lane, because what’s meant for you, is for you! Put your blinders on and go for it!


Want to keep up with Kenzie ? Follow her/ watch her/ read about her!

CONTRIBUTOR:Chanté Charee.
Special Thanks to Mckenzie Renae ❤


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