Floral Transparency 

The Bare A lot and hide A lil trend is transcending into Spring 2015. What better way to cover your naughty places than with Flowers?


Black x White

The Chic, High Contrast Blend has made its way into yet another season. We have zero complaints.

Camilla_and_Marc_001_1366balmain black and white033-spring-2015-trends-leatherVER_0119ROD_0041MARC0375

Irony: Feminine Androgyny

The Use of Masculine Silhouettes x feminine chic patterns, prints, and textiles made a playful spin into spring. The play on menswear with oversized capes, trousers, and 2-piece suiting for women is easily one of our fave of 2015 trends.

Clover_Canyon_39_1366 ACN_0107 KIM_1260 NCK_4291-1Adam_Lippes_014_1366 _MON0226

Contributor: IndiaMonae – Editor-in-chief 

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