Style Spotlight: The Wests for Paris Fashion Week

A Fashion Fairytale; every fashion addict was glued into KImYe’s presentation of wardrobe wonderland as they, for lack of better terms, SLAYED Paris Fashion Week SS2015 this past week. High Fashion went into whirlwind as they stepped out effortlessly attending Balmain, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and CELINE shows amongst others. Sis Kendall also took part in the Slayage as one of Olivier Rousting’s muse for Balmain. Just #Nasty. Have a gasp..

965864-01cff02a-443f-11e4-899f-a16f95abbf0c 1411588804220_Image_galleryImage_L_gende_Kim_Kardashian_Ka

10643786_572584146175146_808706555_n 10706831_723275131061462_2080059024_n 10666079_827863207253779_2090527997_n10693398_355579804601431_1087237888_nKim-kardashian2_glamour_26sep14_rex_b10683925_1539528902928621_1866899331_n     Balmain : Backstage - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 kendall-jenner-walks-balmain kim-kardashian-kanye-west-lanvin-paris-fashion-week__oPt10707133_1482925978658788_646726908_n    10665900_1398041867111183_1248555758_nkim-kardashian-arrives-at-a-party-at-fashion-week-in-paris_1

Contributor: Editor in Charge, IndiaMonae

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